Recent studies on the impact of the textile industry on the environment

As environmental awareness has evolved, more and more initiatives have turned their attention to the textile industry as one of the most polluting on the planet. Every year new data, measures and projections of its impact appear, allowing us to better understand the problem we face.

In sustainability departments, highly impactful and responsible decisions are being made. If you are part of one of those departments, you know that in order to make good decisions and choose the best initiatives to solve the problem, it is important to have relevant information.

In this article, which we will update periodically, you will find some of the most relevant studies of the moment. These studies provide information on different aspects of the industry ranging from the carbon footprint of clothing, to the use of natural resources, water pollution, impact on biodiversity, and labor exploitation in the textile industry, among other things.

Here are some of the most relevant studies developed up to 2023:

If you work to reduce the environmental impact in the textile industry and need more information on how to measure, reduce, and compensate for your textile footprint, you will find all the information in our White Paper, or by writing to us at

The Textile Waste Problem

As a society, we have so many urgent problems on the table that it is difficult to establish priorities. Every day we receive hundreds of worrying impacts in the news that make us participants in extremely disturbing problems ranging from climate change to inequality, passing through loss of biodiversity, violence or corruption among others.

Deciding on an area of action to make a significant change is overwhelmingly complicated. However, within each person lies a story that connects with specific values, interests, and a goal. The rest is a matter of pulling the thread.

Why textile waste?

Our story began with a small sustainable clothing brand. Our interests and values led us to undertake a business adventure in which, in addition to exploring the possibilities of the fashion industry, we wanted to contribute our vision of how to do business when you want to have a sustainable clothing brand.

We soon realized that any sustainability effort would be buried, literally, under the great problem of textile waste. It was obvious that to have the slightest impact on the environment, a simple clothing brand was not enough.

But experience also showed us that we were not the only brand that wanted to make a change. We discovered that we needed to be more ambitious, that we needed organization, to join forces and aim high.

A new horizon

Over time, things fell into place and this new project began that we have called T-Neutral for a few years now. Along the way, great stories, learnings, and perspectives have emerged that we want to share with all of you who are interested in the textile industry stepping up to offer products that do not pose an environmental problem.

Our goal is part of our motto: "A horizon free of textile waste." If you are part of the industry and this is also your goal, welcome. In this blog, you will find resources, perspectives, and solutions to the enormous challenges posed by the transition from linear production to a circular economy.

If you have any questions or want to share your own stories, perspectives, and solutions, do not hesitate to write to us at Big goals can only be achieved as a team, and we would love to have you on our side.