87% of all discarded clothing ends up in a landfill or incinerated

Take Control of Your Textile Footprint

To accelerate the transition from linear to circular, it is vital that textile producers measure and trace their textile output to be able to take responsibility and implement actions to mitigate it, increasing circularity, traceability and transparency.

T_NEUTRAL helps textile producers take control 
of their Textile Footprint


Calculate the amount and traceability of their textile output and mitigation practices through our pioneer Textile Footprint methodology.


Implement effective solutions to reduce textile intensity, turn waste into a resource, and adopt circular practices and materials through accionable data.


Take responsiblity of its end of life through the first Voluntary Textile Credits platform, contributing to certified textile waste reduction initiatives at the frontlines of waste.

Measure & Trace Your Textile Footprint

Step-By-Step Textile Footprint Assessment Software.

Data Verification Process.

Full Report, Traceability Map and Mitigation Recommendations.

Early Access to the 1st Voluntary Textile Credit Platform (BETA)


A Textile Focused Methology

What Gets Mesured, Gets Managed

We have developed a new environmental metric to tackle the specific problem of textile waste in a homogeneous and industry-wide way: the Textile Footprint. A pioneer methodology for textile producers to calculate and trace their textile output as well as their textile waste mitigation practices.

Our goal is to develop effective solutions to eliminate textile leakage, achieve 100% traceability of textile throughout the value chain, and accelerate the adoption of circular practices based on transparent and actionable data.

To Strengthen Environmental Commitments and Accountability

Adding depth to textile producer's environmental assessment with a comprehensive accounting and mapping of their textile outputs, its chain of responsibility, and the practices carried out for its prevention, reduction and correction, as well as an independent validation of the data provided. 

Enhancing ESG Goals

Purpose-Driven Tech

We leverage technology and data to tackle the global environmental and social challenge of textile waste.

We provide effective digital tools for textile producers to enhance traceability and accountability.

We foster the interconnectivity of the textile circle working to contribute, optimize and enrich the data landscape.