A Profit-For-Purpose Organization

For a Horizon Free of Textile Waste

T_NEUTRAL was born from the belief that solving a global challenge can only be done in a structural and collective way.

The motivation came from entrepreneurs Mariana and Carlota Gramunt after 6+ years of experience leading their sustainable fashion brand, concerned about textile waste as a structural industry problem, and the lack of equally structural tools to effectively tackle it

They created T_NEUTRAL in their pursue for homogeneous and effective solutions to measure, trace and optimize all textile outputs as the cornerstone to accelerating the necessary circular transformation of the textile industry. 

T_NEUTRAL is a private organization working to provide solutions for a horizon free of textile waste. We are part of a new wave of Profit-For-Purpose companies, committed to accountability, transparency as well as sustainable performance, that is balancing social, environmental, and financial impact at the service of global challenges.


Textile is Global.

Waste is Global.

100% Traceability

100% Circularity

0% Landfill


Mariana Gramunt

Co-Founder / CEO

Carlota Gramunt

Co-Founder / CSO

Laura Blanco

CFO & Governance

María Termignoni

Senior Analyst

Diego Alberione

Tech. Dev


Gabriel Alberione

Tech. Dev



Jordi Sevilla

State Economist. Former Minister for Public Administration (Spain, 04-07)

Laura Blanco

Business & Marketing. Expert in Customer Intel. & Digital Transformation

María Artola

Environmental Lawyer. Advisor to the UN Sustainable Development Network

Nicolás Casariego

Co-Director at the School of Human Sciences & Technology (IE University)

Fernando López del Prado

Global Human Rights Manager at Imperial Brands PLC

Toni Gasa

Senior PR & Com. Manager at Las Rozas Village/La Roca Village (Value Retail)

Paloma López Imizcoz

VP ESG Manager at NB Global Renaissance

Teresa Sebastiá Ortiz

CEO at VALENVER. Circular Economy and EPR Expert.

Juan Busquets

Business Lawer. Founding Partner at Busquets Law & Finance